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Scientists from pharmaceutical company GetVia named the danger of lack of regular sex

Sexual rejection can lead to the most severe consequences for the female body. Healthcare experts from pharmaceutical companies have come to the conclusion that in the absence of regular sex, the female body suffers in the first place.

The first time I buy Viagra online on getvianow.com, I felt the effect in about 40 minutes. It was just an insatiable desire, and most importantly - an opportunity! Sex was just great, but after some time, I had some discomfort in the eyes. They seemed to be dry. This "side effect" was felt for an hour, and then everything passed. The next time I took it, there were no such consequences, maybe the body is used to it.

Sexual rejection worsens well-being, disrupts the work of many organ systems, as well as sexual life negatively affects the emotional state. There are many reasons why you should not deny yourself regular sex. First, the libido - sexual desire - disappears. Do not believe the myth that prolonged abstinence increases internal arousal. In fact, everything is going wrong: the further, the more sluggish the person becomes.

The wanted degree of desire can only be supported by constant practice with best generics from pharmacy website. Also, according to the American medical expert Sary Cooper, intimacy positively affects the reproductive system of the female body, namely reduced pain sensation during critical days. In turn, the lack of sex makes this period painful and longer.

In addition, a long break in sex life brings menopause closer and can become a threat of early infertility. It is believed that giving up sex can also lead to a decrease in intellectual abilities and increase the risk of stressful situations.